I'm no fan of Slimane, I never was. He's just not my cup of tea, but these shoes have everything I love in a shoe. It is firstly an ankle boot, my favourite kind of shoe. To be more specific I can't resist a peep toe boot and with a lace up detail and a stiletto heel? Oh, hell yeah! You can get these black leather peep toe lace-up boots from Saint Laurent featuring an ankle strap with a side buckle fastening at farfetch.com


Photography: Nenad
I give in, I quit this crazy weather this summer I can't even.. I finally gave in and put away my Birkenstock's and pulled out my I have stuff to do white shoes. I'll have to buy a new pair of leather skinny trousers because the cat scratched his claws on my old ones, anyway this jacket is another master piece by Sabina Špilak.
I'm kind of swamped these days so I'm might seem all over the place in this post, but give me a week or two and we'll be back on track with posts with more content about minimalism and on how to dress well.

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