White, small and with a gold zipper. Everything I ever wanted in a mini city bag. Small and compact, now all I need is a new wallet to match the black and white with gold details theme and I'm sorted for Spring!


You haven't seen heels on this blog for a while now, didn't you, ha? As you know I don't wear heels as much as I used to, I also find it very difficult to find a good looking pair of heels that really knock me off my feet, that would make me want to splurge on them and that's a good thing. This keeps my wallet safe and my wardrobe at a minimum. But these heels, I just couldn't resist and I can justify them - a treat from me to me because I'm doing good in life. But than again, who buys sandals in January? I do - buy now, wear later and by all means I could also wear them now because it's 10°C outside and that's basically sandal weather (in the Spring to be clear).  

Have a great weekend!