Last week I did a collaboration with the shop IKONA LJUBLJANA and the brand RELIGION CLOTHING UK. Hope you like the final result and that you'll stop by IKONA on Mestni trg 24 the next time you'll visit Ljubljana!

Styling Dejan Kocijan / Ikona and myself
Hair by Tomo Brzin / TomoFrizer
Makeup by Junja Golob / freelance makeup artist
Photography by Rober Ribič / Fashion photographer


This was an impulsive buy. I don't have many of those (if we don't include red lipsticks) , but they happen. Luckily not too often. They are really comfortable, chunky but I just didn't "feel them". The more I thought about them the more they bothered me at home. They just didn't fit with my wardrobe. This is when I know something is wrong and it's not for me. I returned them in the end. Luckily, Zara has a fuss free return policy and the girls that work at my local Zara are always very nice to me.
I would feel guilty if I wouldn't return them and just cling to them for whatever reason.
Before I ever buy anything I always sleep on it, a night, a week, a month or if I decide to buy it I will wait till the sales start because I refuse to pay ridiculous amount of money for things that were made for less than a euro but they are sold at ridiculous high prices. But hey, this is how the High Street works and I try to avoid it as much as I can. But if we all stopped buying from high street brands would the workers at the sweatshops go out of work? More on that issue in an upcoming post.