Here's a combo with the second jacket (see the other jacket in action here and here) I got from Sabina Špilak. Worn with Birk's and of course leather pants, I just can't stop wearing them. Anyway it doesn't even matter since we have shitty weather this summer.

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Photo: Nenad Nenadić

I've never been too much keen on this skirt over pants look. But this month I already did it twice! See previous post here. I have this white puff ball skirt for the longest time now, but I just don't wear it that often mainly because I need to get it altered, it's a bit too long for my proportions.
Rocking this skirt dressed down with my everyday classics white shoes, leather pants and my new favourite jacket.
We mainly had shitty weather for a couple of days now (thanks to all the grumpy cats out there who where complaining about the hot weather we had and now it's all rain and shit) so it seemed appropriate to layer things up.

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